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The end is near, Adobe to FreeHand Users: Migrate to Illustrator CS3

Author: seven May 18, 2007

According to PC World, FreeHand is so gone. To help ease the transition, Adobe has created a FAQ and is offering a special upgrade path to Illustrator CS3. What I don’t understand, is why they kept Fireworks going, when they got it all covered in Photoshop.

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    4 thoughts on “The end is near, Adobe to FreeHand Users: Migrate to Illustrator CS3”

  • I wondered when this was going to happen…after the merger, I thought products would be quickly killed, since Adobe seemed to be competing with itself. I never used Freehand though..I think Aldus owned it when I was using it.

    And i agree Fireworks seems redundant now..probably just a matter of time.

    What I miss is just the bare bones down and dirty and easy to use audio editor SoundEdit 16! but i think that the new Adobe Soundbooth is supposed to take its place… but then what is Adobe Audition for? I digress…

  • Btw, I really like Fireworks. I am no designer, and all those Photoshop shortcuts frustrate me. :)

    Audobe Audition was previously known as Cool Edit Pro. :) I used it for years and years.

  • What i do not understand is why keep InDesign. The only difference between InDesign and Illustrator is multi-page support. Put that into Illustrator, and 2 plugins for text styles, and get rid of InDesign.

  • Dude, If it doesn’t have ActionScript support – I don’t care! :)

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