Hidden Flash CS3 goodies, crouching breadcrumb bar

Author: seven May 4, 2007

I’ve read somewhere (I think it was on Aral Balkans blog in keynotes from the FITC) that in new Flash CS3 you can select any layer and make that layer into a MovieClip and set the registration point, put layers into a folder and then make that folder into a MovieClip. Today I really tried to find it since I had a lot of shit to move from main timeline to movieclips. And guess what… I have no idea where that stuff is hidden. Anybody? Please! :)

And what on earth is breadcrumb bar?? Imagine you have movieclip on the stage. Then you dbl-click it, and you enter inside the movieclip. When you doubleclick some more inside elements, you get even deeper. Ok… while you are clicking your way deeper and deeper, you can see where you are on a – breadcrumb toolbar. :) I still didn’t get used to new position of the breadcrumb toolbar (or what ever it is called). :) I keep pressing wrong stuff. I really love forward and back buttons on my new Logitech mouse. When I find some spare time I will definitely write a utility which will make them work in Flash. How many times you double-clicked on wrong symbol? Imagine that you could just simply press back button on your mouse to go back? Dreams come true… :)

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