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Pizza delivery

Author: Daemon April 28, 2007

So, anyways, during my state of lucid thinking, it dawned to me, something about pizzas. You know how in the rest of developed world (so that excludes Croatia), when you telephone order a pizza, you do not have to pay for it if delivery took more than 30 minutes. So here is the question: why does the pizza boy deliver it at all? I am certain that he has a watch, or a stopwatch set on 30 minutes, and on his way to you it starts buzzing. Why not just stop right there, open up the box, and munch away and share with a random person that happens to pass near by. He ain’t getting any cash for it, might as well eat it. Hm?

Daemon, out.


    2 thoughts on “Pizza delivery”

  • Let’s just say it’s called professionalism… to deliver it regardless of the profit for the benefit of the customer (not available in Croatia :). Pizza boy doesn’t get paid from the customer directly anyway. And finally, he’s already sick of having pizzas to eat it anyway.

  • Oh man, you call this a lucid thinking? :)


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