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Look Ma – I am online (again)

Author: seven April 3, 2007

Yes, when I got the call at 8am this morning, I was not only shocked, but still very in my deep REM sleep. The guy at other end of the line was talking about connecting our ADSL. Hm yes, nice wet dream… mmmmm.. adsl. :) REWIND! My gf and I moved to new apartment, and we were offline for A MONTH. 2 days ago we finally got our shit together and went to T-Com and signed few contracts. That was on Saturday (3 days ago). Anyways, it turned that it was not a dream, but the guy was actually standing in front of my building waiting to connect us online again. Yesterday a guy came and installed our fixed line, and today guy came and installed ADSL. Ok, so if you are reading this and you DO NOT LIVE in Croatia, you will find my blabbering boring, but if YOU ARE LIVING in Croatia, this will be shock to you, as it was to me. :) I think that I will soon regret saying this, but until that time comes: GO T-COM! GO! :)

CEO/CTO at Nivas®
Neven Jacmenović has been passionately involved with computers since late 80s, the age of Atari and Commodore Amiga. As one of internet industry pioneers in Croatia, since 90s, he has been involved in making of many award winning, innovative and successful online projects. He is an experienced full stack web developer, analyst and system engineer. In his spare time, Neven is transforming retro-futuristic passion into various golang, Adobe Flash and JavaScript/WebGL projects.

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