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Stopping new “Cold War” (TM)

Author: Daemon March 14, 2007

So anyways, yesterday on Digg there was a link to an official hacked activation of Windows Vista. Team Paradox managed to crack their way through ways of actually activating Vista, not just stopping the 30 day counter. Basically, it is one of the most hard core hacks that I ever saw, I will not go into the details how it works. Of course, it triggered an eternal topic – why do software companies try at all to “protect” software, since anything can be cracked?

The answer is simple. USA government is, of course, putting pressure on Microsoft to invent new security systems in order to keep hackers busy. Imagine what would happen if all those ultra smart people had noting to do all day! Russian hackers would start digging around Pentagon, and in a matter of days we would have new Cold War. Keeping hackers busy makes the World a safer place. Microsoft is actually promoting World peace!

Just to be on the safe side, I will put a smiley face. =)


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