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Author: Daemon February 26, 2007

Just a little inside story, to show you how demented i really am. I have installed Commodore 64 emulator on mobile phone, and am running Pirates on it. So i printed out an original map for Pirates so i can sail the seas and actualy know where i am going. One thing let to another and i sticked that map on the inside door of my toilet, so i can play Pirates and do my daily duty of polluting the sea. And then i noticed that on that map there is a year when it was published – 1987. Twenty years ago! Of all the technology available today, of all the computer games available on the market (wich are all borderlining junk), 20 year old C64 game is still holding on.

Also, say hello to “Another World” remake, best decision EVER in gaming world so far.


    One thought on “1987”

  • Sure it’s holding on, you old piece of junk. You’ll prolly still be playing it when you are in the nursing home, as a passtime between chasing mummies with JFK and pissing in your bed :)

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