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Pinball logic?

Author: Daemon February 19, 2007

Here is a tricky one:

Would Pinball machines ever become so megapopular during the arcade days and over through the digital revolution (Amiga Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies, yummy!) if the score was not interpreted in MILLIONS? Whatever you hit, you get few hundred thousand points, millions were rolling like crazy on ramps, and skill trickshots were awarding 5 millions or more! Screw “Extra Ball”, give me 10 million bonus! I bet wide-screen monitors were invented specifically to hold all those numbers in one row. Imagine the contrary “normal” version where you get small points – you struggle to learn a trickshot and then you get 23 points. Wow … a whole 23. Unimpressive.

Could the same logic be applied on today’s web projects? Let’s put 15.649.233.000,00- on the next invoice, i bet client will be impressed! <HIGH SCORE>

Daemon, logging out.


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