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Do not buy iPhone (yet)

Author: Daemon February 18, 2007

OK, i do admit, iPhone is the new revolutionary device. It has smart features of turning off the screen when you talk, it uses multi-point touchscreen enabling cool tricks, autorotates screen, has more storage space than my desktop PC, neat design and all that little things that make you go GIVE ME THAT THING.

However. How, bloody, ever. If Apple is so progressive in technology, and they are the trendsetters for gadgets and computer operating system software (Vista = OSX), why the hell they fail at the most primitive things regarding common sense. First of all, breakthrough of Mozilla browser and immenese success of Blizzard’s “World of Warcraft”, and numerous other software pieces, showed us the importance of plugins and third party developed software docked into mothership software. It is impossible that a team of developers predicts the needs of every single individual on this planet, thus, it is better to leave development of plugins and small software OPEN for everyone. iPhone will be powered by Apple software only.

Second thing that pissing me is decision not to put high quality camera into huge device and it’s cosequences. At this moment, you can go to ANY European telecom, and get a tiny mobile phone with integrated high resolution digital camera for a symbolic price going as low as 0 or 1 Euro or similar (signing the contract). These cameras have moving zoom lenses, have picture quality that can match small standalone digital cameras, have extremely good conectivity to PCs enabling you to download images instantly and to upload, check this out, MP3 files from your computer directly to REMOVABLE memory card without the need of bulky iTunes. Just drag and drop files to phone, and you are out. Most of phones have even front side camera for video telephony.

Now, what is stupid about this situation is that in 6 months Apple will release “new and improved” iPhone 2 that will have, guess what, a 3.0 mpix camera. Now all of you that bought iPhone now, can trash it, and go and by iPhone 2.

Few months after that, there will be iPhone 3 with camera on the front side as well, enabling video telephony, meaning you will want that one instead of iPhone 2.

Why? Why not be progressive thinking, and integrate high quality backside camera on the first go? So that Apple can sell more incarnations of iPhone in the future? Pffff … “think different”, yea right.

I also found a nice point of view by certain mister Jason – lack of tactile feedback by iPhone. Using conventional mobile phone i can type an SMS without ever having to look at the phone. I can access any menu simply by feeling buttons, and by feeling click of a key. To do anything even a bit more complex on iPhone, you need to look at it. No tactile feedback seriously hinders the usability, typing is hard, and mistakes will easily occur.

Until Apple gets it’s act together, high-end Sony Ericsson phones is the way i will go.

Daemon, logging out.


    12 thoughts on “Do not buy iPhone (yet)”

  • NO Flash! Erm, MAYBE Flash. Why? Will there be a non-Cingular version? –Not within the first two years. Can it run Mac OS X programs? –No. Can I add new programs to it? –No. Does it connect to iChat? –No. Does it have games? –No. Does it have GPS? –No. Can it open Word and Excel documents? –No. Can the iPhone be used as a modem? – No. Is there any wireless (Bluetooth or Wifi) syncing at all, for contacts and calendar? –No. Will it sync with Outlook? –No.

    Bah. My Nokia N80ie does that all. It’s not fancy as iPhone but what the heck – I am no Paris Hilton aether. :)

    Btw, check this out: New nVidia phone interface!

  • You look kinda like Paris Hilton to me :)

  • haha, this sounds funny.. except the very first part…
    well… don’t buy it then. i’ll buy it!
    do you know why? when you get closer to apple products you’ll understand ‘why’ by yourself… until then any explanation is pointless..

  • Nah, Mike, listen here, Maddox gave perfectly good explanation why Apple sucks, this is a good and funny read, check it:

  • Daemon,

    I think this post is great. Would you mind posting this under my complaints section? I’ve been hacking away at a new iPhone user community and my complaints section is empty. I would very much like to have your excellent post be my first official complaint. Let me know what you think!

    Thanks man!

  • Hey,
    I love what you’e doing!
    Don’t ever change and best of luck.

    Raymon W.

  • Do somebody knows if i can use the iPhone (Version 1.0) in Europe also? What is the basic charges for AT&T per month? Can i buy the iPhone in usa without domicile in America? Thanks for answer. bye

  • obviously, you’re not a mac user. the biggest advantage is to properly sync this phone with your mac. ever tried it with a pocket pc (pain). built-in cameras are lousy in quality, slow, eat battery and performance. buy a real camera if needed. for video conf you’d need high speed inet and a good pc/mac platform to enjoy. tactile feel is important, i agree. small bluetooth keypads could be a solution, which i believe will be available from mac very soon. the only problem i see is the storage capacity. 4/8 gigs are not enough for serious usage.

  • I got it! The new Iphone – its realy great! I love it!

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