Proof of concept – Amiga lives in my first Papervision3D experiment! :)

Author: seven December 1, 2006

Flash 8 transparent cube with alpha channel FLV texture + Papervision 3D + Fuse. Early beta of Papervision 3D was used to do this, and absolutely no design whatsoever with badly encoded FLV from DV camera. Click and hold to rotate around. Use your mouse to pan camera a bit.

Big up to Moses and Carlos! WAWA-WI-WA! :)

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Neven Jacmenović has been passionately involved with computers since late 80s, the age of Atari and Commodore Amiga. As one of internet industry pioneers in Croatia, since 90s, he has been involved in making of many award winning, innovative and successful online projects. He is an experienced full stack web developer, analyst and system engineer. In his spare time, Neven is transforming retro-futuristic passion into various golang, Adobe Flash and JavaScript/WebGL projects.

    10 thoughts on “Proof of concept – Amiga lives in my first Papervision3D experiment! :)”

  • looks like we’re entering a new age for flash design…. again!… bring it on!!

  • Nice to see, that flash is back on track… guess, though, there is still some way to go before memory and ressource handling gets done properly… Pretty heavy stuff for the CPU.

  • You have combined all CPU-killer properties of flash, but amazingly it works pretty fast, Iwant to say wow! You are amaziing flash…

    BTW You are lucky for testing Papervision in the first places :)

  • Altav, I know I am lucky. :) Btw, one thing I didn’t switch on, and that is texture smoothing which looks damn good (but it’s a real cpu killer). This will be insanely fast in AS3! :)

  • Is it possible to have some sourcecode?
    I’m having trouble using an flv as texture when there’s an alpha channel.

    It’s like the video is “painting” in the transparent area, so it makes a big trail in the texture



  • Yo man! This is veeeery old example made with 1st version of Papervision3d for as2. Nowdays you can do all sort of cool stuff with pv3d as3 branch. If you are interested I can send you some examples.

  • Hi, I’m keen to know how you got pvision to maintain the video alpha!

    I have the latest pvision and cannot find a setting to ensure it preserves the alpha in my flv’s…

    If you could send me an example I’d really appreciate it…. thanks!

  • wow! very nice example but I can’t figure out how the alpha channel trick works !
    Can you please show us the way to embed an flv texture with alpha channel enabled? :)

    it’d be very useful


  • Bless you for your help.

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