The History of Amazon’s Tab Navigation

Author: seven July 17, 2006

Today I came across this article back from 2005. popularized the tab navigation metaphor online. Through the years they explored multiple interface design solutions to make their growing product inventory accessible to Web users. As a result, some interesting lessons emerge when one looks at how the site’s top-level navigation has changed over the years.

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  • Squeek! I used this theme as a previous try out theme, and one thing is for certain… this theme has no predefined background color, and mine is not white by default… :-( … and that would be the common mistake people make when making templates…

  • i went to school with Luke W at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. He was in my three dimensional design class. he was a cocky bastard at the time. i had no idea he would become such an important figure in the design world.

    I believe Jakob Nielsen also picked apart the Amazon tabs system.

  • onaj bog (znaš me)
    onaj bog (znaš me)
    September 9, 2006 at 01:58

    jeben blog.. pa tu se da i nesto procitat.. steta kaj ga naslov cini licemjernim i sirem smislu rijeci al ok. zanimljivo da bas i nema komentara, al on “fuck it” PoZzZ

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