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A collection of shiny projects we have worked on.

From small personal projects to full blown corporate websites, through our portfolio you can witness the past years of our work. Work recognized by clients and the community.

  • Mondo

    24sata d.o.o.

    Mondo is the new and upcoming brand on the Croatian ecommerce scene. A project by Styria AG, the shop aims to become the Croatia’s biggest and best ecommerce brand, with products ranging from high street fashion to books and digital downloads. To launch the project of this scale we worked closely with Mondo team, helping set up the strategy, developing the branding and visual identity, and design the web shop itself. The result is a cooperation of 4 companies united in delivering a premium online shopping experience. The future is bright for Mondo and we look forward to being there every step of the way (stay tuned for an in-depth look in the process and results in our upcoming case study).

  • Ledo

    Ledo d.d.

    Ledo is Croatia’s market leader in the frozen food segment, most recognized for its ice cream production that has been with us since 1958. For Ledo we developed a brand new corporate online presence covering all the segments from frozen food’s to colourful ice creams, targeting consumers, business partners and hospitality segment. With several methods of browsing and searching through the large product base, it is now easier than ever to find a perfect ingredient for your meals or perfect flavour for a hot summer day. Our work included conceptualizing, structuring and optimising Ledo’s large product base to deliver the best user experience, with rich and colourful design driven by our VUDU framework.

  • Provjereno

    Nova TV d.d.

    Provjereno (eng. Verified) is a popular TV format in production of NOVA TV. The highly engaging show publishes reports and research about the hottest social issues at any time. It has accumulated a big community of loyal viewers often looking for more information or a chance to get heard. For Provjereno we developed a responsive website focusing on readability and accessibility, making sure viewers can always tune in and interact with the show.

  • Bunker

    Bunker d.o.o.

    It is no secret - we are used to dealing with more or less challenging projects. With Bunker, the crucial question was: How to transform basic and limited WordPress platform to very polished and authentic website? Our client is one of the most recognizable  film,  TV commercial and production, post-production service companies in the region and their work speaks for itself.  We were determined in our smart ‘keep it simple’ approach: less words, more visuals. Following those two main criteria, we accomplished unique, usable and beautiful composition.

  • Opulento

    Opulento d.o.o.

    Accounting – let’s be honest about the instant image popping everyone’s mind – a lady in her “golden” age with her calculator next to a balance sheet, disgruntled by numbers not matching on her left and right side. Young, agile as well as experienced and professional, Opulento team smashed this stereotype for us from starters. So, we’ve put our heads together designing a site that would communicate this fresh perspective. Accounting is not just keeping a business “by the book” but also boosting it to its highest limits on day to day basis for maximum results. Our goal was to design inspiring idea of accounting that is free of old-fashioned perceptions for everyone to recognize.

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