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Retail/FMCG - Podravka d.d.

Creativity, freedom of thinking, courage and emotions are the main determinants of the new communications direction that brings Vegeta closer to the new generations.

The new site is full of distinctive visuals and playful communication inviting visitors to interact  with each other and successfully break the routine of website usage, showing that brands with decades of tradition, such as Vegeta, can be leaders in digital communication, especially to younger audience.

The new website is designed in responsive, html5 technology, which allows all users access to the same high quality and unique experience through all types of devices - from traditional desktop to tablets and smartphones. In addition to responsiveness, site contains advanced CSS3 animation, modern parallax movement and navigation, and the elements are adapted for controlling touch via touch screen devices.

The site is rich with innovations such as intelligent interactive content "Mood Food". Their uniqueness lies in market research and collaboration with a psychologist in which the mood and food are connected through advanced algorithms.

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