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Villas Hvar

Villas Hvar

Tourism - Kabal tours d.o.o.

The island of Hvar, we believe, needs no special presentation –  beauty, sun, tourism heritage like well aged wine and then some more sun.

Our client presented us exquisite collection of accommodation purls vibrant with traditional Mediterranean taste, yet luxurious for your unforgettable vacation pleasure. We accomplished this unique feeling on Villas Hvar web site by releasing it of redundant contents usually encountered on touristic sites. Those tend to strip off the true meaning viewer should experience – the “wish you were here” moment. To emphasize this even more, we focused on visual richness of the site regardless of viewers device in hands since it is made in responsive technology powered by our VUDU platform to ensure the flawless backend flow. The result: beautiful, colorful and inviting web site – almost like Villas and the island of Hvar themselves. :)

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