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Google Free GPS vs. Garmin – few months later

Author: Daemon April 29, 2010

November last year, Google announced that they will make turn-by-turn GPS free. Following that announcement the current players, Garmin and TomTom, crapped their pants as stocks fell rapidly.

If you haven’t already, read about that incident.

Today, half a year later, let’s see how are things doing:


After initial overreaction, the market understood that GSM/3G based navigation is not all that super great. If you bought Garmin stock at the moment they fell, now you are 50% richer.

You’re welcome. =)


    2 thoughts on “Google Free GPS vs. Garmin – few months later”

  • GPS is very useful specially the ones that are put on the Car dashboard. it can really help you drive on unfamiliar places.;*-

  • GPS are very useful on day to day travel if you do not want to get lost*-~

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