Pixels are classic (filmed in Papervision3D)

When I saw Radiohead's "House of Cards" video I was truly amazed how pixels can look good in 2008. What does that video have in common with Papervision3D? Press play on player and read on...

In production of this video they haven't used any cameras, but data from 3D laser-enhanced scanners. The Making-of "House of Cards" video is pretty crazy, check it. If you wanna get freaky with pixels - Google Code is hosting the Data Visualization application and accompanying iGoogle gadget. Interactive Flash piece was made by Aaron Meyers (Torrent Raiders, Digg Swarm) and Aaron Koblin using Papervision 3D. It's pretty slick.

But all this is nothing compared to this baby. Benoit Beausejour from Turbulent built crazy demo using Papervision3D effects branch which transforms video stream to something similar and very very cool. Be sure to check it in full screen playing Kraftwerk’s "Little Computer People"! WOOHOO GO PV3D! :)

Alien versus Predator: Requiem


Alien versus Predator: Requiem is awesome, and if you disagree with me you suck. I will explain to you why all of those bad reviews make no sense whatsoever, why movie actually rocks, and why should you see it in the cinema at least twice.

Most of "bad remarks", and "plot holes" that people point out revolve around poor interaction between human characters, bad dialogs and cardboard characters that mean nothing. However, this move is named "Alien versus Predator". Do you see any human related words in that name? No? Is it because this movie is about Predator, who is lead role in the movie, kicking ass to swarm of Aliens? Human characters in this movie are so trivial and so unimportant that it is a good they get killed all the time. I was actually cheering when human characters got killed because they were so bloody annoying! Alien destroyed your skull? Predator melted your head into vapor? AWESOME, because that is what this movie is all about.

Complaining about bad dialogs between humans in AVPR is like complaining about bad dialogs between Aliens in James Cameron's legendary Aliens (Alien 2). They are non existent, not important, and just fill in the time between two brutal graphic deaths.

This goes into such extremes that directors (my personal heroes now that i saw AVPR) didn't hesitate to chest burst a child, and before that that same kid watches his father being chest bursted and prior to that father's arm being melted away by Alien's acid. Can you spell out for me "human characers are not important in this movie"? I cannot even remember the name of a single human character in the movie, and i am proud of that. My mental capacity allows me not to blindly seek for human side in every movie, rather, see the move from a different (Alien or Predator) perspective.

If that wasn't enough, this will surely tickle the devil inside you: Predalien deposits couple of eggs inside pregnant woman and from her stomach/uterus 5 Aliens explode and bathe in the blood of her unborn baby. Hello? Oh, but the dialog between humans makes this scene not so shiny! Oh no! The drama! Stupid movie critics ...

Taking away human factor from the movie, movie instantly becomes 9 out of 10 rating, with only 1 small issue of human character getting impaled on Alien's tail and surviving, but, ok, i can somehow live with that.

In one short sentence: AVP:R - movie that is not about humans.