Winamp skin – Deep Black by Nivas

The no-bullshit, no visual clutter, maximum functionality, minimum system resource drainage Winamp skin is finally here. We do not believe in bloated pieces of software that eat up your eyes, system and screen real estate just to do simple tasks, like play music. Therefore, we made this black Winamp Classic skin. It's easy on your suffering eyes, with visible yet subtle buttons, and has that sweet neon glow. Also, being a Classic skin - it eats considerably less amount of memory, opposed to that bloated Modern junk.

Deep Black by Nivas

To download and install just press the big button, and if you have Winamp installed, it should sort itself out one way or the other. Enjoy the Deep Black.

Deep Black by Nivas

D-color XP desktop madness

I found this little application a while back, it's called D-color Xp ideal for solving desktop clutter problems. desktop It's basically a desktop icon manipulation program which can do a range of different things. You can change the desktop icon label and text color but the more interesting feature is changing the size of the desktop icons. You can actually change the desktop icon to a really small size (16x16 px) and have the icon label on the right side of it. Pretty nifty, I say...