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Case studyMondo

Mondo; Internet Supershop

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Mondo is the fastest growing e-commerce covering everything from Fashion to Consumer electronics. Together with Styria Ag we develop an idea, strategy, creative and technical solutions resulting that created what is today a flagship e-commerce - Mondo.


When Styria started exploring e-commerce as a possible new revenue stream it turned out to be very difficult to get an accurate snapshot of the Croatian e-commerce Market. Together with Dejan and Zvonimir, the digital leads from Styria, we started putting together an all encompassing analysis of the Market, Players and different segments for entry. The result was an ambitious vision of what is to become Mondo, rising star, future leader of Croatian e-commerce market.

Spanning 12 segments from Fashion, Electronics to Health and Fitness today Mondo ships packages in thousands - daily.


As a key partner from conception to strategy development, we ended up designing the complete branding, web site and defined the User Experience for the entire site. The kind of opportunity to get in on the first train from inception to completion has always been our favourite modus operandi (one of our fondest projects include Kolektiva today a regional daily deal leader).


As a platform of choice the client decided to implement Magento, e-bays e-commerce platform. This presented a new challenge for us - enhancing an out of the box experience and transforming it to a custom feel project whose performance surpasses defaults (and expectations).

We optimised the checkout process, the product page, the browsing experience and, more or less, all elements directly in the user path to completing a purchase.


Along with complete branding, we executed a complete launch strategy and advertising campaign that set the foundation for Mondo’s ongoing efforts to become a regional leader.


Next up, custom themed Magento mobile Mondo. It’ a mouthful, and it proved to be another challenge in skinning, modifying and twisting the limits of Magento to deliver a smooth and consistent mobile experience on widest range of devices.


The resulting platform, driven by an operation of 50+ people (and growing) continues to outperform in all aspects of e-business. With our support, the technology, User Experience and strategy continue to evolve towards new goals and opportunities.

The opportunity to rekindle the cooperation with the team that we worked on while developing No 1 news portal in the country, shows that ambition and vision need a few key ingredients to succeed, and we are proud to be recognised as a reliable partner for high stakes projects spanning all digital platforms and industries.

Thinking about changing your corner of the world? Give us a call :)

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