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UNICEF - Čovječe, ispravi se!

UNICEF - Čovječe, ispravi se!


UNICEF survey, conducted in 2014 showed that one third of children of primary school age did not heard of children's rights. 

Encouraged by the results of research, UNICEF has decided to increase the level of awareness of children about their rights in a fun and educational way, the best opportunity for this was the 68th birthday of UNICEF and the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The website UNICEF released the first version of computer game for children of primary school age entitled Čovječe, ispravi se. Primary target group are children aged from 6 to 14 years.

We decided to use SVG in combination with Javascritp which we derived the logic and animation of game. Game data is AJAX fetched from a server that is storing questions and answers. Special adjustment required all the information received visually. Special attention was paid to the availability of content to all users, including the blind and visually impaired users and users with motor impairments. We did that using ARIA attribute.

Game has been played 2,500 times, of which 1,698 girls and 802 boys. Although the budget for advertising game was 0, with the help of the ambassadors and assistant of UNICEF, the game has made significant results. Game certainly become part of the training materials intended for schools and libraries.

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