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A collection of shiny projects we have worked on.

From small personal projects to full blown corporate websites, through our portfolio you can witness the past years of our work. Work recognized by clients and the community.

  • Etex France


    From day zero, here at Nivas we keep a high standard of accessibility for all of our solutions. When etex approached us to develop a website focused on the visually impaired, we were happy to put our skills to the test and develop a truly accessible solution. The result is a solution targeting caretakers and visually impaired, providing an ease of use for all.

  • evotv

    Hrvatska pošta d.d.

    For Evotv, a new brand of digital television in Croatia, we developed a conversion focused website, serving as a sales and support channel. To present and explain a new type of digital television, we designed and developed a complete platform optimised for future growth, as well as expansion of services in years to come.

  • bonbon

    bonbon corporate website

    bonbon is Croatian prepaid cellular network aimed at young people and customers who live a dynamic live, offering high quality services at low prices.  After in depth analysis of user behaviour patterns, business processes, customer self care needs and brand positioning, we balanced out uplifting and corporate content, dose of happines, user experience and advanced features and come up with a bonbon 2012 redesign, a solution that should help measure, optimize and increase both customer satisfaction and brand value as well as online sales.

  • Laguna Poreč

    Plava laguna

    Laguna Poreč is Croatia’s largest vacation destination consisting of 3 resorts that are located in largest Adriatic peninsula - Istria. In line with the new rebranding, we designed and developed the multilingual website with focus on usability and SEO, providing the platform for future development and upgrades in years to come. We had a simple goal of making the best tourist/destination website in the region. A simple goal that required lots of hard work including prototyping, design, programming, copy writing and much much more. Visit and see for yourself what we did and definitely visit Istria - unique, must see destination.

  • Nanobit

    Nanobit d.o.o.

    Croatia is full of smart young people and success stories, and Nanobit is just one of them. For our countrymen and fellow developers (of mobile games specifically), we developed a website that will represent the company in (many) years to come.

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