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A collection of shiny projects we have worked on.

From small personal projects to full blown corporate websites, through our portfolio you can witness the past years of our work. Work recognized by clients and the community.

  • Centrala

    Centrala Media d.o.o.

    Only the most interesting and most relevant news articles from news sites across the region are hand-picked by Centrala editors just for you. Centrala itself does not copy those articles; rather it links to them on original sites. Extremely fast and armed with weather forecast, surveys, horoscope, interesting videos and images, paired with unmissable Google search engine — Centrala will quickly become your new homepage.

Recent work

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Nivas d.o.o.
Štritofova 1, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
OIB: 16578192145
Žiro račun: 2360000-1101523985
IBAN: HR9423600001101523985
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tel: +385 1 232 0541
  +385 1 232 0540
fax: +385 1 232 0540

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