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A collection of shiny projects we have worked on.

From small personal projects to full blown corporate websites, through our portfolio you can witness the past years of our work. Work recognized by clients and the community.

  • Villas Hvar

    Kabal tours d.o.o.

    The island of Hvar, we believe, needs no special presentation –  beauty, sun, tourism heritage like well aged wine and then some more sun. Our client presented us exquisite collection of accommodation purls vibrant with traditional Mediterranean taste, yet luxurious for your unforgettable vacation pleasure. We accomplished this unique feeling on Villas Hvar web site by releasing it of redundant contents usually encountered on touristic sites. Those tend to strip off the true meaning viewer should experience – the “wish you were here” moment. To emphasize this even more, we focused on visual richness of the site regardless of viewers device in hands since it is made in responsive technology powered by our VUDU platform to ensure the flawless backend flow. The result: beautiful, colorful and inviting web site – almost like Villas and the island of Hvar themselves. :)

  • Primat logistika

    Primat logistika d.o.o.

    Primat Logistika is one of the leading companies  in the fields of banking security, archive, industrial and warehousing equipment and interiors with big expanding potential in the region. Hence, our big question was: how to convey  various and huge assortment  through the smooth and clear information architecture? It was vital to provide a clean, simple and attractive re-design that is easy on the eye and immediately reflects company: what they do and what are offering. After couple of months (and lot’s of  brainstorming) , we set up clear and logical navigation with up worthy  impacts: longer visitor engagement and more than 50% increase in sales. Sounds good to us. :)

  • Podravka

    Podravka d.d.

    What connects regional premium food & beverages brand, web and kids? The Web app ‘Zabava u tvom tanjuru’ (‘The party in your plate’).  Following the premise  ‘fun, educative and easy to play ’, we created a game which promoted a new brand flavors: special  soups and pastas for kids.  User experience was highly determined by beautiful animation, ‘light’ challenge (hunting the ‘Podravka hearts’ ) and  superior awards. That great deal had also great results:, building stronger  brand awareness, loyalty and online exposure with more than 11 000 unique players in only one month.

  • Frikom

    Frikom d.o.o.

    To begin with, Frikom is one of the leaders in ice cream and frozen food production in the region dating its origins back to 1970. If it sounds somewhat familiar – no worries, we are not stealing our own copywriting – it should sound familiar from our earlier Ledo project. Ledo and Frikom are both member companies of one major concern producing basically the same products with regional touch. The challenge was to make web site for Frikom that would communicate common corporate vision as Ledo project but at the same time be regionally flexible and adjustable. We followed the same logic considering the span of product and user segments, but at the same time enabled regional focus with presentational aspects of the web site. Frikom inherited our VUDU framework from Ledo project as the logical foundation for making this “hardcode-flexibility” combination possible. We consider both sites combined twice as chilly. :)

  • Jana


    For Jana, one of Croatia’s most recognisable brands, we developed a storytelling parallax website targeting global markets. The idea was to connect with the user’s trough a simple story that can delight and entertain the visitors. The feel and the experiance we wanted to convey was what Jana is all about -  a natural treasure made to refresh. The result – a custom scripted parallax full of rich visuals optimised for all platforms but focused on desktop, as this is where we wanted to reach the users. As we continue to develop Jana’s digital presence, stay tuned for more updates :)

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