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Vudu Overview

  1. Easy to use.

    Developing Vudu through the years, we have always kept in mind that people using our content management system it will be normal, everyday, non-tech-savvy people. Vudu does not require users to be computer experts or crazy system administrators. It is easy to understand, and easy to use.

  2. Multipurpose.

    Broad range of our clients ensured that we develop Vudu so it can serve many needs. Vudu runs media-heavy websites, corporate monsters with tons of textual content, serves big newsrooms and runs online shops with ease.

  3. Secure.

    Working with high profile clients who are regulated by state law (Croatia Osiguranje), or their internal highly paranoid guidelines (Philip Morris), Vudu has passed even the most rigorous 3rd party security tests. The safety of our clients is mandatory for us.

Quick features

  1. Tailor made
  2. Free Upgrades
  3. Easy to operate
  4. Proven in production environment under high stress tests
  5. System security
  6. Workflow management
  7. SEO modules
  8. Multilingual support
  9. Scalable
  10. Made in Croatia

Just some of the clients using Vudu

  • mtv
  • digitel
  • crosig
  • kolektiva
  • globus

The Vudu CMS system created by Nivas manages to handle all the required tasks that we have, and it has exceeded all of our expectations.

— Goran Žabić, CROATIA osiguranje d.d.

The "Crop Tool" which comes built-in into every Vudu is saving me more than a minute per uploaded photo. Multiply that my hundreds of articles and photos used in them to figure out the importance of such tool.

— Nebojša Grbačić, EPH

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