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The Black Magic running behind our websites.

If we have built it, you can be sure that it’s backend will be as powerful as it’s frontend. Vudu is here to make your daily content management easy.

Vudu features

  1. Easy to use.

    Vudu is really easy to use, and it does not require our users to be hackers or mad scientists in order to manage their online content.

    So what is easy in Vudu?

    • Create, proofread and publish articles
    • Create new sections on site
    • Upload and manage pictures, video, audio and other files
    • Manage and overview users. Suspend or ban them if they are bad!
    • Edit comments users are leaving on site
    • Handle translations, if the website is multilingual
    • Webshop administration and credit card charging
  2. Multipurpose.

    Without breaking a sweat, Vudu runs the following

    • Kolektiva – webshop with many daily transactions
    • MTV – with quite a lot of multimedia streaming to users
    • Globus – with thousands of readers, and a busy newsroom
    • and many others …
    Keep in mind:
    if your project requries specific or esoteric functionality not covered by Vudu, we will additionally program it and implement in your Vudu version.
  3. Safety.

    Working with high profile clients who are regulated by state law (Croatia Osiguranje), or their internal highly paranoid guidelines (Philip Morris), Vudu has passed even the most rigorous 3rd party security tests. The safety of our clients is mandatory for us.

  4. Geek talk.

    Vudu will automatically resize and crop all uploaded images so they fit into your website. However, during that automated process, some images might end up wrongly framed. In that case, Vudu Cropper tool will enable you to simply re-crop images. You do not have to have any additional software installed; it is all done inside your web browser.

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