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The Black Magic running behind our websites.

If we have built it, you can be sure that it’s backend will be as powerful as it’s frontend. Vudu is here to make your daily content management easy.

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  1. I have failed to log in a few times, what are those funny looking letters?

    On Vudu log in screen, if you fail to login a few times due to mistyping your password, any further attempts will require you to input those funny looking letters. This system is here to prevent brute force login attacks that attempt to log in by submitting tons and tons of random username/password combinations in an attempt to gain access to your web site.

  2. Is Vudu secure?

    Vudu has passed numerous 3rd party hacking tests, and so far we did not have any breaches. The profile of our clients dictates Vudu to be as secure as possible, but without limiting and distracting user working on Vudu.

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