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Creating interactive experiences and online solutions.

Mostly by pushing beautiful pixels, writing complex code, talking and listening to our clients and overall having fun while doing it.

Web Development process —



Site production begins with plotting out the site map and site features, together with developing exploatation strategy. After we are clear what the site should do and how will it benefit to the owner and users, we start producing rough wireframes of all the templates. These templates show us how people will navigate through the site and how different elements interact with each other. With entire site done in blue-print, we start producing designs which overlay those architectural schematics.

The site then comes alive as we start converting image of a website into browser-understandable HTML files, connected with database and other complex functionalities. Then, after couple of rounds of testing, the web site is ready to go live.

From that moment the cycle of monitoring and optimization never stops. Every user counts, every feature needs to be polished and upgraded, and new functionalities developed.


— The results


Corporate & brand sites – present your business in a proudly manner

Corporate and high profile brand websites need to communicate the core values of the company and attract the customers at the same time. We can ensure the implementation of corporate design with the highest level of usability and user experience and make your company stand out in the business world with strong internet presence.


News portals – efficient for readers and newsrooms   

Our Vudu CMS is filled with innovative features for big newsroom to help Chief Editors manage their resources. Multilevel workflow is a must in redactions with lots of journalists, photographs, editors, lectors. Ensure that your staff has the right tools when managing massive volumes of content as well as beautiful frontend that will make your visitors want to come again and again.


E-commerce – new shopping destination for your customers

Buying online must be like buying at the supermarket; quick and easy. Exquisite presentation of services and products will initiate a potential customer into action and the highest level of SEO will ensure that your site has the right visitors. High level of usabilty will help conclude the buying process and create a satisfied customer that will enjoy shopping at your website and return for more!


Micro sites – great things come in small doses

Micro sites go hand in hand with online marketing campaigns, and in order to create successful online campaign micro sites are a must. Clicking on a banner (or other form of online marketing) users have to end up on a page specifically created for them. A small yet cute site with nice visuals will call them to action and convert them to brand lovers. 


Social – for the connected generation

Besides production of social websites from the scratch, we take on existing or newly developed projects and bring them alive through social networks and mediums. Engage your audience directly, feel their pulse and how they react to your brand and product. Communicate with them to quickly solve issues and questions. Be part of your community, not just an passive observer.


Why not see for yourself all the work that we have done?

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