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The real people behind all of this.

Ambition, diversity, humour and the ability to rely on each other helps us to endure all obstacles and make happy clients at the end of the day.

Nivas Manifesto

  1. I

    The Project brings Benefit for the Client.

    The Client is investing time and money in order to get direct or indirect Benefit from the Project. The Benefit has to be clearly defined from the start of the Project production no matter if it is financial, informative or any other.

  2. II

    The Project is used by a User.

    The User exploits the Project and is the generator of Benefit for the Client.

  3. III

    The User is the focus of Project.

    Project has to be developed for the User in order to be successful. All deviations from this goal will influence in direct Benefit reduction.

  4. IV

    The User is a citizen and above all a human being.

    With this in mind Project will never take advantage of Users time, will treat him humane without breaking User's civil rights or offending senses.

  5. V

    The Project exists on behalf of all interested parties.

    Both User and Client have interest in the Project. Two interests don't necessarily have to be in common, but both have to exist. When any side loses it's interest, and it cannot be regained, the Project can be considered closed.

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Nivas d.o.o.
Štritofova 1, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
OIB: 16578192145
Žiro račun: 2360000-1101523985
IBAN: HR9423600001101523985
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tel: +385 1 232 0541
  +385 1 232 0540
fax: +385 1 232 0540

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