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The real people behind all of this.

Ambition, diversity, humour and the ability to rely on each other helps us to endure all obstacles and make happy clients at the end of the day.

  • 10. July 2013.

    Open job positions

    We are looking for people who are like us - genuinely love what they do, love to create and take pride in what they create. 

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  • 30. April 2012.

    Office manager job position follow up

    Today evening we sent out answers to all job applicants who applied for the open office manager position here at Nivas. We apologize it took so long, but it was a hard job to process 1049 job applications. We were rigorous but fair and…

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  • 10. April 2012.

    The application period for our office manager is officially CLOSED!

    Thanks to everybody who applied, that’s just over a 1000 of you! Also thanks to everybody for recommendations, tips, and lovely words in you applications. We are now left with a daunting task of reducing a thousand to one, so please be patient…

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  • 06. July 2011.

    Fixing Facebook's problems in Croatia with ".hr FB Fix"

    A couple of months ago Facebook started acting wierd in Croatia, and it stopped properly fetching URLs from Croatian (.hr) domains. This created problems for everyone depending on Facebook to share links, especially News websites and companies whose business is online-only. People waited for the Facebook to fix the problem. The fix never came, so we made our own.

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  • 19. January 2011.

    The first results for our redesign of

    As you might have heard, we have been working on the new site for the last almost a year. It was pushed live on 27th of October, and after the initial user reaction to any change - the site stabilized and started to grow in visitors.

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  • 23. December 2010.

    Soft xmas launch of new web site

    After almost 4 years of our "corporate onepager" website, it's time for a new web site. We have outgrown the concept of having all the info on one page, at last. After couple of months of struggling and producing our site in-between-other-projects, you can see the (beta) results.

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