• October 6, 2009

    Glimpse of Flash on iPhone

    At MAX 2009 in Los Angeles, Adobe announced release of #3 most wanted iPhone feature - Flash on iPhone. Well, not full, FULL support of course. They will not be adding Flash support in Safari mobile browser if that's what you were hoping. Instead they will add support to announced Flash CS5 beta for conversion of Flash 10 AS3 to standalone iPhone apps.

    Flash grew up to be a real monster in last few years and that's probably the only real reason why Apple did not put it in iPhone so far. Flash Lite just doesn't fit into profile of multimedia web experience and full blown desktop Flash version was just too much to fit into iPhone poor underclocked 412 MHz CPU. Latest 3GS iPhone has 833 MHz CPU underclocked to 600 MHz, and I can't help to wonder, is this 188 Mhz change in performance really enough for Flash to run remotely smooth?

    Adobe said Flash CS5 public beta should by out by the end of 2009, so we all just have to wait and see.

    Meanwhile, check out this crazy Flash on iPhone Myth Busters inspired video from MAX:

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