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Winamp skin – Deep Black by Nivas

Author: Daemon May 3, 2008

The no-bullshit, no visual clutter, maximum functionality, minimum system resource drainage Winamp skin is finally here. We do not believe in bloated pieces of software that eat up your eyes, system and screen real estate just to do simple tasks, like play music. Therefore, we made this black Winamp Classic skin. It’s easy on your suffering eyes, with visible yet subtle buttons, and has that sweet neon glow. Also, being a Classic skin – it eats considerably less amount of memory, opposed to that bloated Modern junk.

Deep Black by Nivas

To download and install just press the big button, and if you have Winamp installed, it should sort itself out one way or the other. Enjoy the Deep Black.

Deep Black by Nivas


    10 thoughts on “Winamp skin – Deep Black by Nivas”

  • Do you have one for iTunes?

    I’m still in disbelief that there isn’t even a slight clone of winamp for mac, wich I started using recently, and now You show me one of the best skins for winamp I’ve yet seen…. Shame on you.

  • Ah, yea, life truly is a bitch when you are running inferior OS on your box. I wouldn’t even touch iTunes with a 20 foot pole. Anyways, Googling for “winamp for Mac” you get interesting stuff, featuring results like:

    ( Winamp for Mac 0.71 Alpha )

    Test that, and see if it has skin support.

  • Hehe. I already knew about that one, cause I googled around 40 different phrases of winamp an mac in them.

    Doesn’t work unfortunately, but a nice gesture from you, thanks.

  • Man, the more I am using this skin, it feels better.

  • ty so much for the skin. It fits very well with my black blue theme =D If only there were glossy versions =x

  • Oooo this is gooood!! Look really cool :P Nice!

  • i like this skin …
    very cool

    thankk u

  • Perfect skin !! As I always wanted. You may add cursor to this skin. Thanks.

  • Wow, something minimalist that actually looks good o_O

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