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Embroidery in it’s full analog beauty

Author: Daemon April 17, 2008

We have just received first shipment of embroidered goodies. Black baseball caps and surgeon’s white lab coats. The analog tactile beauty, as a twist to the everyday pixel-perfect digital world, is astonishing. Check out the details, as our supermodels are preparing for a run down the catwalk.

Want one? Drop us an email, we will work something out.

Cap front detail:
Cap front detail

Lab coat front – Nivas amblem – detail:
Lab coat front Nivas amblem detail

Lab coat back – Nivas Eagle – detail:
Lab coat Nivas Eagle full logo detail



    2 thoughts on “Embroidery in it’s full analog beauty”

  • hot stuff

    i expect some promotional items on my next visit ;)

  • ajde fino, nece gaso vise morat od zeta kape nosit :)

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