• September 22, 2007

    First contact

    Much has been said about the notorious iPhone. Well, today it hit Balkan grounds and I must say; it’s damn fine. Clearly the first broad audience device that made me feel like the future is here… well if not the future, at least the Federation. Just holding the device made me feel like I can teleport from the crappy mall I was in, on to my superfly spaceship high in orbit. The build quality, the design and the overall futuristic feel of the device, make it a worthy acquisition. You may think it’s retarded, hell I might even agree, but it’s the mother of all hi-tech bling. And that’s a cold fact.


Reader comments:


    October 20, 2007 @ 17:20

    Marko says:

    W00t where’s you get it ,where.. cmon hook me up !

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