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Adobe CS3

Author: Daemon April 29, 2007

Finally got my hands on the CS3, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver.

First impressions: oh my god. Yes, CS3 is indeed a light years leap. New softwares are just so supreme that i just had to make myself a new wallpaper so i can stare at Adobe logo whole day.

( get it at: HERE )

However, i cannot help not to notice that inside Adobe, their developer teams are COMPLETELY not communicating. I even think they hate each other. Illustrator developers HATE Photoshop developers HATE Flash, etc ...

I'll give you one simple example, and stuff like this drags through entire CS3.

First thing i do when i install / reinstall Photoshop and Illustrator, i set the preferences. And in new Illustrator you can make UI darker. Basically, if you work on a dark image, white UI screws your eyes, so it is nice that you can make UI go dark. Photoshop does not have that feature. I mean, come on. Illustrator team makes a nice thing, and then they keep a secret? "Fuck you PS dev team, we got a nice feature, and we are not telling you!"

Entire "suite" is an amazing piece, integrations between softwares are nice, but this is still ages away from being a true SUITE. Nothing is standardized, each software has it's own logic, it's own ideas and it's own features (i am of course talking about logic/ideas/features that can be shared, like color pickers, UI modifications, gradient tools, etc.).

So, in short - awesome software, but still far FAAAAAAR from being a suite.

Oh, and by the way, i really love new icon set for CS3 softwares.


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  • dude, don’t you watch galactica and stargate?

    it’s… “freak you PS dev team” :) everybody says it these days. it’s trendy, it’s sexy, its cool and it’s polite. so you can keep this blog for 18- :)

  • i mispelled it… looks like it’s frigg or frick :)

  • hehe that’s from farscape! :) farscape kicked serious butt.

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